As a Leader...

No Such Thing


Matt's first CD as a leader on the Origin label. 



Matt's second CD as a leader, featuring Evan Gregor on bass and Bill Goodwin on drums. This recording is performed using the chordless trio format, one of Matt's favorite settings.

External Aversion


This recording is a collaborative effort between Matt, bassist Joe Michaels, and drummer Tyler Dempsey. Dark Square experiments with applying electronic mediums to traditional jazz standards. Matt is featured on the Electric Wind Instrument throughout.

With Dave Liebman's Expansions Quintet...



The Sanskrit word for rebirth and recycle, Samsara is an original tune by Matt and also the title track of Expansions' first recording.

The Puzzle


The second recording by Dave Liebman's Expansions Quintet, this record features two Matt originals: Hat Trick, and Sailing.

Expansions Live


In the groups most comfortable setting, this recording captures the band live. Recorded from two different concerts, this is a two-CD set: one acoustic and one electronic.

Near Dawn


Recorded during a State Department tour of Thailand, this recording combines Expansions with local Thai musicians playing authentic instruments. This project was produced by the US Embassy to commemorate 180 years of peaceful relations between Thailand and The United States.

Phil Woods Projects...

New Celebration


This is the second recording of Phil Woods and the Festival Orchestra, which was the last big band recording of Phil's original music, which was written specifically for this date.

A Tribute to Phil Woods


The last performance as the Phil Woods Big Band, the Festival Orchestra is directed by Matt Vashlishan for a tribute concert for Phil after his passing.

Phil Woods Works for Saxophone


Featuring Phil's music for sax quartet as well as his Sonata for Alto Sax and Piano, this recording is by the Celebration Sax Quartet, an ensemble hand picked and rehearsed by Phil. After his passing, the group decided to document their work and Phil's revisions of his wonderful pieces.

Other Projects...

From Student to Jazz Artist


Faced with many daunting questions upon graduation from music school, Matt and Evan Gregor sat down with Dave Liebman to record his answers. A valuable MP3 CD for musicians going into the real world!

The Bickel/Marks Group


Joining the band for a few tracks, Matt completes the larger horn arrangements for this recording.



This group revisits the "standards" of the 70s with Matt joining for a few tracks on saxophone and EWI.



Stephen Guerra's debut big band recording Namesake features Matt on alto sax, soprano sax, and flute.

Since I Fell For You


Vocalist Tara Lynn Khaler assembles a great group to realize her first recording as a leader. Matt is featured on alto sax.



Matt performs on alto sax, flute, and EWI for Hyeson Hong's premiere recording combining traditional Korean music mixed with contemporary big band writing.

Printed Material...

Saxophone Basics


Written for any level, this pocket sized book covers many different topics regarding saxophone playing.

How to Approach Standards Chromatically


Using Matt's transcriptions of Dave Liebman playing over Jamey Aebersold records, this book demonstrates how to super-impose chords over simpler existing harmony.

David Liebman Transcriptions


Salvaging an out of print gem, Matt has recompiled these Liebman solos on standard tunes.

Liebman - Trajectory


Composed by Liebman and performed by the Prism Sax Quartet, Matt painstakingly engraving this piece for Saxophone Quartet and soprano.

Liebman - Three as 1


Matt digitally engraved this piece written by Dave Liebman for soprano sax and piano.

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